Garapal na Gay Indie Films?

Let me share with you an email addressed to Prof. Danton Remoto, Chairman of Ang ladlad.

Thus, being an integral part of this society, I want to know your side, too.

Please read.
Dear Mr. Remoto,

Sana po tingnan nyo naman ang sumasamang sitwasyon sa gay indie films ngayon.

When "Sagwan" was shown two weeks ago, many of the viewers, complained not mainly because of the sex scenes but because it is its director, himself, who played as gay customer twice in the movie and who performed on screen oral sex on at least three of the budding actors. The viewers are crying exploitation. They say he used his power as director to molest the aspiring actors, and even had the guts to put the abuse on film.

Another gay-themed movie is coming out next week entitled "Booking". Publicity shots of this film include that of a young boy completely naked. The write-ups say that he is Charles Delgado who will play a 16 year old callboy and will have a frontal nudity shot in the movie. The boy looks very much a minor. Although I have no way of confirming yet if he is indeed a minor, but I could sense some impropriety here. I hope that you and your group could look into this boy's plight.

Some producers and directors of the gay-themed movies today are giving us in the LGBT community a bad name. Yes, we welcome movies with themes that will make the public understand who we are gays as human beings but it seems that in some of the gay films we have today, some abuses are committed during the production.

By the way, most of these films are premiered in UP Diliman, which is outside the jurisdiction of the MTRCB and, hence, the films are shown uncut. I am sure that when the State U becomes aware of the exploitation involved in these films, its officials will not let its Cine Adarna facilities to be unwittingly used by these mischievous producers and directors.

Thank you.



totoo ito. at nangyayari ito endi lamang sa hanay ng entertainment dahil kahit saang ahensya ay may nangyayaring exploitation. Dapat tingnan ito ng mabuti para matigil na ang kalokohan ng mga iilang gumagamit ng kanilang impluwensya.

Ikaw, anu sa tingin mo?

Wilberchie said...

Well, for starters, hindi pa ako nakakapanood sa Cine Adarna ever. Kaya hindi pa talaga ako nakakapanood ng uncut versions nung indie films. Pero looking at the concern nung ating letter sender, may point nga naman si manay. Especially dun sa director part. Nega ang appeal saken nun.

Geisha said...

this is quite alarming and this calls for justice for the others who are being used just to feed someone's lustful desires!

i bet this is not new to all of us. this has happened way before indie films are being patronized by almost all genders in our current society. please note that we should neither focus our attention to gay indie films alone but to all indie films in general. it is a fact that these budding artists men, women and gays alike wanted to hit the spotlight of philippine television but let us not allow this reason to be an advantage taken against them by the exploits of these producers, directors and the like infront of the viewing public!

thats so gross!

Ming Meows said...

scandal na naman etoh

the barefoot baklesa said...

finally, someone actually is speaking out about this... All this time I thought that I was the only one who found the gratuitous sex scenes in gay indie films 'a bit too much' -at the risk of sounding like a clanging badly cast bell, i just kept that thought to myself.

I understand that at the core of every homosexual person lies a sexual being, but somehow there must be a limit to that especially in the cinematic art. There's such a thing as cinema verité and there's just pushing it in bad taste.

And also because I see that there's more to anyone's 'gayness' than the sex. I concur that these films does not portray the majority of gays out there. And my opinion can be seen as elitist, but I was taught how powerful the camera can be...

thus spake the barefoot baklesa

Empress Maruja said...

You can make gay-themed films without the sex. Libog lang ng mga direktor 'yan.

Mac Callister said...

grabe naman pala yang director na yan!siya pa talaga ang gumanap n customer ha!pwde naman iba!

pero sana bago nila ipatigil ang movie e mapanood ko muna sayang di ko makikita yun alleged exploitation scene pag nagkataon!LOL

Herbs said...

i ditto the letter. so true.

Momel said...

Fags being fags in some indie fag film. Aren't you guys getting tired of this artless bullshit?

RONRIC said...

grabe naman yun.. dapat hindi ganun.. kaya minsan tuloy nadidiscriminate tayong sa mga LGBT.. yung director na yun msayadong bulgar.. MEGA NEGA nun...

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