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  1. Ako Si Aris
  2. Alimuom atbp.
  3. Am I Brilliant or What?
  4. Ang Misiz ng Blogspot
  5. Ang Mga Kwento ni Paul Kian
  6. Ang Sariling Mundo ni Ming Meows
  7. Ang Talinhaga ng mga Kuda ni Mujang
  8. Aries the Warrior Princess
  9. Artistic Orgasm
  10. Autogratification
  11. Back in the Closet
  12. BadingAko.com
  13. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo?
  14. BananaChoked
  15. Bebsisms
  16. Beyond Crypticness
  17. Blog ni Kokoi
  18. Bryan Miseducated
  19. Bomba!!!
  20. Buhay Bayot
  21. Bukangliwayway ng Takipsilip
  22. BumSpot
  23. Call Center Confidential
  24. Cai 101
  25. Can't You Read?
  26. Casta Diva
  27. Caturse
  28. Chizmizan with Chuva
  29. Chronicles of E
  30. Chronicles of Ishna Vera
  31. Chuck Suarez
  32. Chuztpas in Pink
  33. Creative Caffein
  34. Danton Remoto 2010
  35. DazedBlu
  36. Diary of a Couch Potato
  37. Discreet Manila
  38. DoorCleaver's Hit-And-Miss Journal
  39. Dude? Where's My Sanity?
  40. El f i l l i b u s t e r i s m o
  41. Elephant on a Diet
  42. EkisManila
  43. ExPatrius
  44. Extra Super Special Batchoy With Egg
  45. Empress Maruja
  46. Everything But My Girl
  47. Fairy Tales of a Freedom Fighter
  48. Fiction and Kung Fu
  49. Fiction Boy
  50. Functional Schizophrinic
  51. Fullman.Com.Ph
  52. Fuschia Life of Fuschia Boy
  53. Gayetal
  54. Gay in the Philippines
  55. Geisha Diaries
  56. Glenncruz.I.Ph
  57. Grammar in Mathemarics
  58. Gwapong Pinoy
  59. Himalayan Goddess
  60. I Came Our Under the Bed, not from the Closet
  61. I Live. I Love. I am Me.
  62. I Need a Band-aide
  63. In Pursuit of Keleidoscopic Dream
  64. Intoxicating Sensible Undeniably Glamourous Rodrigo
  65. It All Started when I lost my h...
  66. Ivan Prizefighter a.k.a Bruce Amoroto
  67. Kalandrakas
  68. Kape't Yosi
  69. Kara/Krus: Ang Buhay ay Sugal
  70. Kawadjan
  71. Kibitzqueeresque
  72. Kiks: ABBA
  73. Las Tres Estrellas
  74. Lesfriendly.Com
  75. Life As A Write-Up
  76. Life Funtastique
  77. Life of an Average QUEER
  78. Life, Love, and Lust
  79. Life on a Chicane
  80. Life, Travel, and the Ultra World of Rara
  81. Living Life to the Fullest
  82. Living the Expectations
  83. Looking For The Source
  84. Mandaya Moore-Orlis
  85. Manila Gay Guy
  86. Maximum Exposure
  87. Mild Concussions
  88. Miong 21
  89. Momel's Big Blahg of BullShit
  90. Mugen: Pulsar
  91. My Journey, Our Journal
  92. Nuninuninu...
  93. Okama Bin Laden
  94. Okrayero
  95. Onotheo
  96. On the other Side of the Galaxy
  97. Pacifico Lorenzo
  98. Pinay TG
  99. Pinoy Gay Bloger
  100. Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential
  101. Pinoy LGBT
  102. Plain and Real
  103. Planet Closet
  104. Princhecha Fiona
  105. Prosti
  106. Pop Max Now
  107. Portable Bitch
  108. Queeries
  109. Reign Loleng is Crispy
  110. Rey Asis
  111. Reyna Elena Dot Com
  112. Ron's My Existence
  113. Sa Kabilang Paraiso
  114. Sampaloc Toc
  115. SassyQarla
  116. Sekreto Kong Malupit
  117. Simply Manila
  118. Simply the Best Lucky Loser
  119. Sin City
  120. Skeletons in my Closet
  121. Super Gulaman
  122. Tame the Fox
  123. Tapping Keys- My Life Imprint
  124. That Bitchy Fag's Blah
  125. The Barefoot Baklesa
  126. The Bashhh
  127. The Dan and Rye Show (Latest)
  128. The Dan and Rye Show (Season 1-3)
  129. The Emancipation of Thadie
  130. The Evening Sky is Pink
  131. the_empr3ss
  132. The Galavantiator
  133. The McVie Show
  134. The Misadventures of Mel Beckham
  135. The Missing Pen
  136. The Rainbow HaloHalo Project
  137. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  138. The White Room
  139. The Zen Bitch Speaks
  140. This is the Life... boring
  141. Toxic Disco Boy
  142. Toyo's Way
  143. Turismo Boi's Escapades
  144. Unico Hi'ja
  145. Unit 208
  146. Unsaturated Fat
  147. VinVin's Heaven
  148. Werewolf By Night
  149. What's in my Mind
  150. Whisk Me
  151. Wilberchie's World
  152. Windmills Of the Mind
  153. Window Exit
  154. Xanfactor
  155. Yoshke.com
  156. Zai Moonchild
  157. <*period*>


Diosa said...

Yey! Thanks for including me. Hopefully sa blogroll andun na rin ako. appreciate it. thanks

Luis Batchoy said...

pa include na din please http://batchoyboi.blogspot.com

Geisha said...


mrs.j said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yffar (^^,) said...


to lang kaya kong lay out...


di ko kaya gumawa ng drop down menu

Gayzha said...

Benggas ang layout! Winner ka Yffar! Lab ko sha!

Mac Callister said...

thanks for allowing me to be here its like winning an oscar and I would like to thank my mom for she is the only one reading my blog LOL!

The Blind Watcher said...

Thanks for including my blog here...

The Bashhh said...

Pasali po!


Prosti said...


Carlo said...

wala pa ako. hehehe


The Zen Bitch said...

hi raffy, pa-update naman po ng link sa aking blog:

zen bitchin'


Matud Nila said...

Thank you very much po for including my blog!

RONRIC said...

nagkadikit dikit yung names ng blog sa directory.. kaloka.. hehehe

RONRIC said...

ikaw pala manuel ang gumawa ng skin ng site ah.. not bad.. ok lang kahit walang drop down menus..

Prosti said...

Hi I want to be a member of the Rainbow Bloggers Philippines. I was already in the list back in February but I can't find my blog on your listing the last time I checked. Hope to be listed again on the directory.

name: Rahadel Destreza
email add: raja_voom@yahoo.com
blog title: Prosti
blog URL: http://rajavoom.blogspot.com/

Yffar (^^,) said...

hi Prosti

i saw your blog in the directory

im very sorry kasi mejo nagkadikit dikit yung mga blogs

gagawan ko po ng paraan

Hallen Reed said...

ton ginagawa mo? dapat bigyan ka ng medalya. thanks for bringing the gay community together. enjoy talaga ako. :) so ipro-promote ko yung site ko. di naman dyahe di ba?

sa mga peeps na feel magbasa, meron akong medyo sexy na online series. free lang po. just sharing my writing skills. it's a serial about the adventures of a gay witch.

kung fan kayo ng urban fantasy, try nyong basahin. i would appreciate comments. yung constructive, please. heto yung site:


salamat mga sisterettes. mwah!

RONRIC said...

parampa lang po...

Free Thinker said...

sir raffy,

Hello po... pa include naman po.

thanks po!

Red Jasmine Blog said...

Just launched my new blog: http://redjasmineblog.blogspot.com/

Do check it out and kindly include me in your Rainbow Bloggers Directory :)

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