Homosexuality is NOT curable!

I chanced upon this article on Negros Chronicle written by a priest named Father Gammy Tulabing (JCD, VG) titled Homosexuality is Curable. Before I go on and react to his article, may I just say that coming from a Filipino priest, the article is actually quite offensive for me. I find it deeply insulting. Here’s why:

Father Tulabing begins his article with a definition of homosexuality:

"Homosexuality is sexual orientation to the same sex. It is sexual attraction towards the person of the same sex. It is either attraction of man to another man or attraction of woman to another woman called lesbianism. So homosexuality is synonymous to gay, a word which may be applied to a man homosexual or to a woman lesbian."

He then says that he agrees with the idea of homosexuality being caused by genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences. He mentions that homosexuality may be caused by one or a combination of these factors.With this statement as part of his opener, one would think that this is an open-minded article about homosexuality. However, the title of his article pretty much sums up his confused view on it.

When one says something is curable, it means that that something is a disease, an ailment or an illness. Let me remind the good priest that homosexuality is not an illness. In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) has already removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses in 1975. So saying that homosexuality is curable is saying that it is an illness.

What I find confusing is when Father Tulabing goes on and explains in his article that homosexuality is not a sin, but homosexual acts are. So if you know you are attracted to people of the same gender, CONTINUE READING>>>


line of flight said...

I don't know if homosexuality is curable (or if its a sin since I'm not God), but I do know from experience that heterosexuality is definitely curable.

Ming Meows said...

homosexuality is curable... for a few seconds!

Onotheo said...

Homosexuality is neither curable nor incurable because it is not a disease.
However it definitely is a sin according to many religious moral laws.

The priest really is confused saying that homosexuality is not a sin but homosexual acts are, since it is the actions that make one homosexual and that include thoughts and emotions. In Catholicism 'impure' thoughts themselves count as a sin.

line of flight said...

Onotheo may be correct about homosexuality, but heterosexuality is definitely curable, disease or not.

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